My Go-To Quick Glam – No Eyeshadow

by Maria Parra
My Go-To Quick Glam – No Eyeshadow

Doing a full face of makeup can sometimes be a daring task for many people; most times there are so many steps involved and so little time to get ready! Throughout the years I have been able to work on little routines that work well for me when I do my makeup. Here I share with you my “I want to look extra, without the extra effort” routine.

For most looks, the eyeshadow step is what typically takes the longest. I’m sure several of you can relate! However, I find that when I need to get ready and I want to up my look without spending time on eyeshadow, a dark lipstick gives me that glammed up look without trying so hard. You can do your typical face makeup routine, but add a dark lipstick and people will automatically assume that it took you much longer!

As a new mom, doing my makeup now is almost like a race with time. I am learning how to adapt to this new routine while still incorporating time for myself. I love sitting at my vanity and taking my time to get myself ready. But, let’s be real, this is not always the case now. For my husband’s birthday, I was busy all day and when I finally sat at my vanity, I only had about 15 minutes to do my makeup.

These are the steps I took to achieve my look:

  • I first applied a light layer of Tarte’s Smoothing Primer.
  • Then, I used my beauty sponge to apply Charlotte’s Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer and RCMA Powder underneath my eyes.
  • I lightly set the rest of my face with an Estée Lauder face powder.
  • For bronzer I applied MAC’s Give Me Sun and on my cheeks I blended in a layer of NARS Orgasm. I love blushes that have a slight sheen or shimmer because it allows me to add some glow to my complexion without the need to add a highlight. (I didn’t add highlight on my cheeks, but, I did add some Milani’s Strobelight on my nose and Cupid’s bow)
  • For my brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills products, the Brow Definer and Brow Gel. I also gave my lashes a good curl and a couple of coats of the L’OREAL Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara.
  • Lastly, I applied a Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crayon in the shade Brandy. This made a huge difference in the way my look turned out. Had I gone for a neutral nude color (and I do LOVE a good every day nude!), my makeup would have turned out looking more casual.

Key Takeaways!

  • Work smarter with your tools! When in a rush, use brushes or beauty sponges that are multipurpose. For example, I love using beauty sponges because I can apply my foundation, concealer and powder in a breeze. I notice this speeds up the application process and I love the finish I get with a sponge.
  • Use products that will help you cut down the amount of beauty products you need to achieve your look. A shimmery blush like the one I used is a great example; it gives your cheeks some color and it adds a beautiful glow as you blend it upwards into your bronzer.
  • Do it up and rock your favorite dark lip color when you’re just feeling lazy or have no time to put a lot of effort into your makeup! Trust me, it’ll make all the difference. 🙂

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