My Daytime Skincare Routine

by Maria Parra
My Daytime Skincare Routine

When I think of the days when I didn’t have an established skincare routine, I cringe.  As I began to wear makeup more consistently I also became very interested in skincare. A lot of people are not aware that skincare and makeup are intertwined – the better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look. But also, as we all know, makeup can clog your pores and make you more prone to breakouts. Therefore, it is crucial to have an established skincare routine to treat and prevent any skin concern.

I wanted to briefly share with you my current daytime skincare routine! Just like I love to try new makeup products, I’m always looking to try new skincare products that will improve my skin. Finding the appropriate skincare products for my skin has required a lot of trial-and-error, but when I come across something that works, I like to incorporate it into my routine. I typically don’t like to deviate from what’s already working, but every now and then I will change things up according to my needs or plainly because I just want to try something new. ❤️

These are the products I use in their respective order:

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